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1 each of Berga Gandor, Gustav St. Germain, Jacuzzi Splot, Keith Gandor, Luck Gandor, Maiza Avaro, Tack Jefferson
2 each of Elmer C. Albatross, Nice Holystone, Melody
3 each of Adele Czeslaw Meyer, Ennis, Shaft
4 each of Claudia Walken, Firo Prochainezo, Illness, Miria Harvent
6 each of Carol, Huey Laforet, Ladd Russo
7 Christopher Shouldered
8 each of Claire Stanfield, Maria Barcelito, Sickle
10 Chane Laforet
11 Ricardo Russo
12 Tick Jefferson
14 Eve Genoard
15  Monica Campanella
18 Graham Spector
25 Group (Tick, Maria, Huey, Monica, Tack, Adele, Miria, Isaac, Graham, Shaft, Ricardo, Christopher, Lad, Lua, Chane, Claire, Nice, Jacuzzi, Sickle, Luck, Eve, Rail)
1 Plurk (Claire)

this was not the flood we expected to be having save us from this hell )
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1 each of Benjamin, Berga Gandor, Christopher Shouldered, Claire Stanfield, Donny, Fred, Illness, Kate Gandor, Lia Lin-Shan, Mary Beriam, Natalie Beriam, Poet, Ricardo Russo, Shaft
2 each of Hong Chi-Mei, Edith, Eve Genoard, Keith Gandor, Luck Gandor, Maiza Avaro, Melody, Monica Campanella, Niki, Rachel, Rail, Renee Paramedes Branvillie, Ronny Schiato, Tick Jefferson
3 each of Ennis, Graham Specter, Gustav St. Germain, Isaac Dian, Jacuzzi Splot, Ladd Russo, Leeza Laforet, Nile, Sickle, Victor Talbot
4 each of Carol, Chane Laforet, Czeslaw Meyer, Nice Holystone
5 each of Elmer C. Albatross, Huey Laforet, Maria Barcelito, Miria Harvent, Phil, Sylvie Lumiere, Tack Jefferson
7 Firo Prochainezo
8 Adele
6 Groupd (Rail, Fank, Charon, Claudia, Lua, Ladd, Eve, Dallas, Maria, Tick, Isaac, Miria)

lucy: so who do you wanna play megan: no one they're all trash lucy: that's true )
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1 each of Elmer C. Albatross, Melody, Phil, Rail, Renee Paramedes Branvillier, Ronny Schiatto
2 each of Charon Walken, Ennis, Gustav St. Germain, Isaac Dian, Luck Gandor, Maiza Avaro, Miria Harvent, Nile, Sylvie Lumiere
3 each of Adele, Carol, Illness, Rachel
5 each of Czeslaw Meyer, Shaft
6 each of Eve Genoard, Monica Campanella
7 Jacuzzi Splot
9 Christopher Shouldered
10 each of Ricardo Russo, Sickle
11 Nice Holystone
14 each of Firo Prochainezo, Ladd Russo
16 each of Claudia Walken, Maria Barcelito
21 Tick Jefferson
37 Chane Laforet
42 Claire Stanfield
47 Graham Specter
57 Group (Tick, Maria, Chane, Claire, Charon, Claudia, Keith, Berga, Luck, Charon, Nice, Jacuzzi, Firo, Ricardo, Chris, Monica, Huey, Graham, Shaft, Ladd, Isaac, Miria, Ennis, Leeza, Illness)
12 Plurk (Adele, Chane, Claire, Firo, Isaac, Miria, Maria, Tick)

lucy: haha I don't like baccano what *hundreds of bacaano pictures fall out of pockets* no listen... im holding those for a... friend... )
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1 each of Begg Garott, Benjamin, Donny, Elean Duga, Luck Gandor, Mary Beriam, Nicholas Wayne, Roy Maddock, Samasa, Szilard Quates
2 each of Berga Gandor, Huey Laforet, Keith Gandor, Ronny Schiatto
3 each of Charon Walken, Christopher Shouldered, Claudia Walken, Lua Klein, Maria Barcelito, Sylvie Lumiere
4 each of Elmer C. Albatross, Eve Genoard
5 Rachel
7 Ladd Russo
8 each of Graham Specter, Maiza Avaro, Tick Jefferson
11 Czeslaw Meyer
13 Ennis
14 Nice Holystone
15 Claire Stanfield
16 each of Firo Prochainezo, Jacuzzi Splot
17 Isaac Dian
19 Chane Laforet
33 Miria Harvent
26 Group (Firo, Ennis, Maria, Tick, Miria, Jacuzzi, Claire, Chane, Nice, Isaac, Graham, Elmer, Maiza, Ladd, Lua)

thanks to farrah lucy is in baccano hell )


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