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Fire Emblem Fates
1 each of Izana, Kaze, M!Kana, Nina, Oboro, Percy, Selkie, Shigure, Soleil
2 Velouria, Hinoka
3 each of Effie, Hinata, Kaden, Niles, Odin, Ryomoa, Setsuna, Subaki
4 Peri
5 each of Azura, M!Corrin
6 each of Dwyer, Forrest, Xander
7 Jakob
9 each of Felicia, Sakura
10 Camilla
12 F!Corrin
25 Leo
28 Takumi
31 Elise
25 Group (Elise, Xander, F!Corrin, Camilla, Leo, Percy, Arthur, Sakura, Azura, Hinoka, Keaton, Kaden, Dwyer, Caeldori, Jakob, Takumi, Effie, Niles, M!Corrin)
5 Plurk (Azura, Camilla, Elise, Xander, F!Corrin, Camilla, Leo, M!Corrin)

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Gosh all your Camilla icons are so good I'm taking many of them ;w;
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Is now using a bunch! :D